EPSRC (EP/L022710/1)

Jun 2014—May 2018

The goal of MobSec is to improve the security of mobile devices by reducing the risk from installing and using third party applications.


EPSRC (EP/K033344/1)

Jun 2013—Jun 2016

The project aims at applying and proposing novel machine learning techniques to characterize the core network behaviors of bots.

Conformal Evaluator

Partially funded by EPSRC (EP/L022710/1 and EP/K033344/1)

Conformal Evaluator provides a statistical evaluation of a broad class of machine learning algorithms; such an evaluation builds the core mechanism to enable the identification of concept drift in learning models.


This project aims at building on symbolic execution to explore automatic exploit generation tailored at targeting heap vulnerabilities.


EPSRC (EP/K006266/1)

Nov 2012—Sep 2016

CySeCa blends human-centered design and visual research methods with more traditional network security research, where we develop new monitoring techniques to automatically map technical assets, infer and visualize their behaviors over time.



Jun 2014—May 2016

CyberROAD aims at identifying current and future issues in the fight against cyber crime and cyber terrorism to draw a roadmap for cyber security research.